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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fire the bums!

Fire every damn politican in Washington D.C. Hell, fire 'em out of a cannon into the Atlantic Ocean, that'd be find by me.

It's been often said that there are two kinds of people in America today: September 12th people, who realize that we've been thrust into war, and September 10th people, who go along mindlessly and try to pretend like nothing happened.

Washington D.C. is full of September 10th people, including most of the Congresscritters and asshats, such as the 9-11 commission.

Why do I say this? Because I've been reading around the Blogosphere, including Captain's Quarters, and what I'm reading makes me want to launch every gutless politician out of the guns of a battleship.

The first problem the 9-11 Commission had was two of the panel members: Richard "The Dick" Ben Veniste, and Jamie "Wall, what wall?" Gorelick. Ben Veniste was doing his best to damage President Bush by any means possible, including ignoring evidence that might make his bestest buddy Bill Clintoon look bad. Jamie Gorelick, just to hammer the point home one more time, was the architect of a piece of legislation that blocked the FBI and the CIA from speaking to each other or giving each other intelligence information, thus creating an intel void the likes of which had never been seen before.

The result? We have a 9-11 commission more interested in playing politics than making sure this country is safe. Let's start with the fact that the Commission stated that they never recieved any information about Mohammad Atta. Well, it's been proven that this Commission isn't worth a hill of beans, because plenty of people have come forward to say that the Commission is full of shit. The Commission was briefed completely on an Army project named "Able Danger", which had ID'd Mohammad Atta as an Al-Queda operative. The Commission is now engaged in a "Well, mebbe we did, mebbe we didn't" tapdance that only proves that they're nothing but a bunch of double-talking, shit spined politicians who need to be hung from the nearest lamppost. From the CQ post linked to above:

After Douglas Jehl first broke the story in the mainstream media, the Commission first denied ever hearing about anything that identified Atta as an al-Qaeda operative and the existence of Able Danger. They then acknoweledged hearing about Able Danger but nothing about any identification of Atta, with specific denials coming from co-chairs Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean. Within hours, that changed to recognition of the Atta identification coming up in a July 2004 briefing that occurred as the report was being finalized, giving them little opportunity to check out the data. Finally, the Commission generated a breathtakingly detailed rebuttal for a subject on which they had attempted to deny any foreknowledge only days earlier.

Now, one of the main people who briefed the Commission on Able Danger and Atta is coming forward to tell his side of the story, and it doesn't look good at all.

Not only did Shaffer get stiffed on informing the FBI, it appears that the 9/11 Commission had less than a fully enthusiastic response to his information. He insists that he told Commission staffers about the identification of Atta when he briefed them in October 2003, despite the counterclaims of the Commission staff. In fact, Shaffer says he risked his current security clearance to go public after Lee Hamilton and Thomas Kean released their last statement on Friday in order to counter the frustration their latest story change caused him.

At least we know that Rep. Curt Weldon didn't make up the whole story. The DoD has not responded to Shaffer's revelations, preferring to wait until it performs an internal investigation into Able Danger. The Times also reports that Shaffer is not the same officer who attempted to brief the Commission in July 2004, which establishes two separate sources for the Atta identification prior to 9/11.

And if that wasn't enough to raise your blood pressure, reports are coming out now that the State Department warned President Clinton to put a stop to Bin Laden back in 1996!

State Department analysts warned the Clinton administration in July 1996 that Osama bin Laden's move to Afghanistan would give him an even more dangerous haven as he sought to expand radical Islam "well beyond the Middle East," but the government chose not to deter the move, newly declassified documents show.

In what would prove a prescient warning, the State Department intelligence analysts said in a top-secret assessment on Mr. bin Laden that summer that "his prolonged stay in Afghanistan - where hundreds of 'Arab mujahedeen' receive terrorist training and key extremist leaders often congregate - could prove more dangerous to U.S. interests in the long run than his three-year liaison with Khartoum," in Sudan.

That's right, this country had warning about Bin Laden back in 1996, but I guess Bill "I'll fuck anything that walks!" Clinton was more interested in getting a fucking blowjob from a fat slut of an intern than doing anything that might be considered part of his fucking job! Clinton was told that Bin Laden was responsible for the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed OUR DAMN MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN, but selling weapons plans to the fucking Chinese was more important than dealing with a camel-fucking terrorist who was kill members of our military. I guess covering up the piles of shit he left behind was more important than protecting this country. I guess making a feel-good agreement with a COMMUNIST FUCKING DICTATOR that allowed North Korea to build a nuclear weapon was more important than stopping a major international terrorist.

Bill Clinton was the most fucking worthless piece of shit to ever sit in the Oval Office, and I thanked god for the day he left. He shouldn't be allowed to roam this country of his own free will, he should be rotting in a jail for the rest of his life for DERELICTION OF DUTY! He failed to do a SINGLE DAMN THING to make this country safer, and under his presidency, international terrorism flourished. Many of the problems we face today can be laid squarely at the feet of a fucking adulterous, coke-snorting buffoon from Arkansas.

Oh, and by the way, the very fact that Clintoon was briefed about Ben Laden in 1996 appears nowhere in the Commission's report. Isn't that nice? I guess that would be the reason why the Democrats wanted a hack and a whore to sit on the Commission for them.

You think you've had enough? Fuck you, take some medication because this is just some iceing on the cake: The FBI tried to warn someone about the dangers caused by Gorelick's wall, and they were pretty much told to shut up.

PRESIDENT Bill Clinton's team ignored dire warnings that its approach to terrorism was "very dangerous" and could have "deadly results," according to a blistering memo just obtained by The Post. ...

"This is not an area where it is safe or prudent to build unnecessary walls or to compartmentalize our knowledge of any possible players, plans or activities," wrote White, herself a Clinton appointee.

"The single biggest mistake we can make in attempting to combat terrorism is to insulate the criminal side of the house from the intelligence side of the house, unless such insulation is absolutely necessary. Excessive conservatism . . . can have deadly results."

She added: "We must face the reality that the way we are proceeding now is inherently and in actuality very dangerous."

Read the whole thing. Remember when Hillary "The Ice Bitch" Clintoon was waving the papers around and shrieking "What did he know and when did he know it?" From what we gathered, the FBI and the CIA knew quite a bit, but they weren't able to share it thanks to the Clintoon administration, Clintoon's AG Janet Reno, and Jamie Gorelick.

Janet Reno was just another example of how the Clintoons failed this country. Ruby Ridge, Waco, Elian Gonzales, the list keeps getting longer. Maybe if Bill Clinton had tried to do his job instead of stick his cigar into the cooch of an intern, he would have had the time to do something to prevent September 11th.

Just go over to Captain's Quarters and start scrolling. The Commission seems more interested in playing politics than doing it's job, and the Clintoon whores are doing their best to whitewash the fact that the Clintoon administration failed to combat terrorism so miserably that international terrorism exploded in growth during Clintoon's two terms.

Clintoon, Gorelick, Ben Veniste, and every political hack who helped cause this clusterfuck needs to be tossed in jail. Every last one of them. And I love Captain Ed's name for the Commission. The "Omission Commission".

It's still September 10th to the Commission, and to every gutless politician who lets them slide. It's still all politics and grandstanding and brown nosing and covering their ass while this country continues to fight a war for it's life. It's backstabbing and assgrabbing and hiding from the truth or anything that might look like it. It's politics at it's slimy, putrid worst at a time when we need honesty and straight talk from Washington D.C.

So screw them all. Fire them all. Get rid of them all by any means possible, and let them all rot in hell. I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire. I wouldn't use the Capitol Building as a toilet right now, because my shit deserves better than to reside in so vile a sewer. I wouldn't feed them to my dog, for fear that my dog might get sick, and this is a dog that eats rotten toads off of the road on our morning runs mind you. I wouldn't bury these politicians in a landfill, because the sheer amount of pollution that would come off of their worthless bodies would create a cesspool that would take years to clean up. If I had the power, I would drop every politician in D. C. into the Marianas Trench and order new elections in every state, because the only thing that could help this country out is to get rid of the corrupt, worthless, yellow bellied bootlicking parasites that currently infest the capitol.


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