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Friday, February 04, 2005

Seattle. Ug.

I saw a kick-ass bumper sticker today. Two of them, in fact. One said "Save America: Impeach Baghdad Jim" and the other stated "Proud American, Embarrassed Washontonian" with a picture of Jim McDermott and Christine Gregoire on either side.

I should have left a complimentary note on the car, but I didn't have any paper and it was raining.

Anyways, I'm here at the conference. Nothing much happening today, mostly preliminary stuff that needs to be taken care of. Tomorrow is when most decisions will be made. Wish me luck.

And since I don't have time to rant and rage, why don't you go read this piece by Kim du Toit about the president's plan to revamp Social Security, and how the Lame-Stream media is again, being the Democrat propaganda whores they turn out to be.

Here's my take on it all, folks. Lets say that you entered the workforce in 1960. Since this is an alternate universe we're talking about, you don't pay social security, you put all of that money into the stock market. All of it. Every penny. Any good financial advisor will tell you that you NEVER put all your cash in the market, you spread it out a bit through mutual funds, real estate, ect. That way if one part of your investment takes a hit, the rest of your investments are safe. But anyways, this guy in 1960 puts all his cash into the stock market.

Now let's say that this guy retires and pulls all his cash out in 2001. Right when the stock market tanks and hits bottom.

This guy would be so far ahead of the return that Social Security could give him that it's not even funny. Can anyone tell me the actual return from SS? I've heard anywhere from 2% to .02%, and yes, that's a decimal point in front of that zero. That's what the government is supposed to guarantee, and IT CAN'T DO IT!

The government is the WORST investment you could ever make. What the congresscritters don't want you to know is that there is no Social Security lockbox. There is no fund that's been saved up. The benifits paid out this year are from last year's tax revenues, and if that stream of cash dries up, then congress would be forced to admit that they've been lying out their asses for decades while they used money that was supposed to go to Social Security for all their vote-buying pork barrel products. THAT is why they don't want you to control your own money. THAT is why they're afraid of you investing for your own future. They don't want to let go of the reins, because once you figure out that these fucking theives have been dicking around with your cash, then you probably won't let them get any more of it. And that scares the shit out of them.

Just another reason I think that Washington DC needs to be nuked. Or at least bulldoze it and start over. Those felonious fuckwads don't deserve another chance.

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