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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Chronology Of Character Assassination

The GOP has a few quotes from some donkeys regarding the memos they forged and attempted to use in a coordinated attack against the character of the President of the United States. It is nothing short of a MASSIVE collusion between the DNC/Kerry campaign (Joe Lockhart, Max Cleland, Ben Barnes), the Sauronic eye of CBS (especially anchor Dan Rather and producer Mary Mapes), and Bill (source of the forged documents) Burkett, again...among others. In CHRONOLOGY OF CHARACTER ASSASSINATION we find lovely nuggets of donkey crap like this:

9 HOURS BEFORE THE CBS REPORT: "Democratic Party chairman Terry McAuliffe said, 'George W. Bush's cover story on his National Guard service is rapidly unraveling. ... George W. Bush needs to answer why he regularly misled the American people about his time in the Guard and who applied political pressure on his behalf to have his performance reviews 'sugarcoated.'" (Terence Hunt, "Questions Raised About Bush Guard Service," The Associated Press, 9/9/04)

Hmmmmmmm.. "sugarcoated", Terry? Didn't the forger use that exact wording? "Operation Fortunate Son"?

Latest news on this gutsy attempt to smear Presdent Bush? Mary Mapes is still working on the story of Bush's service record. Dan Rather thinks the documents are real....still. Have you seen these pathetic forgeries? What's wrong, Dan? A little slow upstairs? Or are you just a trash pushing, lying democrat who abused his position as a "non partisan" reporter? Protecting a source, or trying to make silk purse out of a sow's ear? No need to answer this one, Dan. Consider your ass owned. Burkett is just another lunatic leftist. The only thing that set him apart from the rest was his powerful news media friends. Ben Barnes said he got Bush into the Texas ANG. He's said the exact opposite previously. His daughter calls him a liar in response to his recent statements. He is a big fund raiser for the Kerry campaign. Kitty Kelley makes accustaions that Bush used cocaine based on statements of W's brother's ex-wife, but she says Kelley lied. She didn't say it. They've all been busted......resoundingly.

Yesterday the John's (waiting to be flushed) charged the Bush administration with harboring super secret plans to reinstitute the draft. Don't look over there! If you did, you might notice that lefist donkeys like Fritz Hollings and Charles Rangel have sponsored twin bills in congress in order to bring about a draft.

Scum, the lot of them. Send these lying asses packin' this November!

CORRECTION - The Terry McAwful statement happened closer to the CBS report than was originally reported.

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