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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Burn down the schools!

Check this story out.

Dave Maier has retired as Skyview High's head wrestling coach.

He was recently suspended for four days without pay. Because it is a personnel matter, school officials would not comment on the suspension Friday.

In his 22nd year as a teacher in the district, Maier also retired as assistant softball coach, but will continue in his role as math teacher.

Also at Skyview, physical education teacher Paulette Gershmel has resigned as assistant girl's basketball and assistant track coach.

She will continue as a teacher, district officials said.

Suspended without pay, and it's a "personnel matter", so no talking to the press about WHY they were suspened. However, Og has the lowdown on these two coaches.

These two fuckheads are being allowed to stay in the school and continue to teach after a 14 year old freshman student caught them having sex in the lounge area in the gym. They were given minor suspensions and then allowed to come back to fucking work. Why they're not hanging from lamp posts at this very moment is beyond me. Read the story, come back, leave a comment, write someone, raise hell.

The male coach has an invalid wife, which he uses to justify his trysts with the female coach, and they have continued this activity for years, according to other students and parents in the know.

Folks, the public school system is, by and large, WORTHLESS. I wouldn't send my worst enemy's kid to public school. In fact, today's schools are worse than worthless, they've been completely taken over by the Left. Mr. Poretto (who led me to Og's story) expounds upon that thought much better than I can. But ask yourself this question - if you were caught boinking a co-worker in the broom closet at work by a fourteen year old girl who just happened to be one of your customers, would you still have a job? I wouldn't. I'd be fired on the spot. Hell, I've seen people fired on the spot for less than that!

But if you're a school teacher, you can obviously do whatever you want and get away with it. Those two teachers are still employed, and were only suspended for FOUR DAYS!

Oh yeah - that fourteen year old student who caught the two teachers playing "Hide-the-Salami"? That would be Og's niece.

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