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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Another Reason to Bulldoze the UN

All emphasis is mine.

In the same November 2002 statement, Mr. Sevan reported that "acute malnutrition" was still rampant among young children in Iraq. Mr. Sevan explained that although malnutrition had been halved since Oil-for-Food began (all this was based on Saddam's statistics), it was still double the rate of 1991--a situation Mr. Sevan himself described as "far from satisfactory." But the solution prescribed by Mr. Annan was not to spot and stop the kickbacks. Rather, while lamenting what he described in Nov. 2002 as the "dire funding shortfall" of Oil-for-Food, Mr. Annan's solution again and again was to urge more oil sales by Saddam. Which meant, most likely, more resources earmarked to feed babies but diverted to the Baghdad regime (and, by extension, more commissions for the U.N.).

It would be interesting for someone with full access to the contract details -- meaning, I suppose, the UN's own investigation into itself -- to total the scores of Oil-for-Food contracts for baby formula, weaning cereal, milk and so on (much of it bought from Security Council member nations Russia and France), and employ some pricing experts to fill in the rest of the numbers.

But what we know already is that Mr. Annan, whose Secretariat turned a blind eye to Saddam's food pricing scams, has never apologized for presiding over the biggest fraud in the history of relief. He has not used the word "illegal." The closest he's come has been to admit this past March, after much stonewalling, that there may have been quite a lot of "wrong-doing"--before turning over the whole mess over to a U.N. investigation that has since smothered all details with its own blanket of secrecy.

Kofi Anus and his gang of thieves were in the thick of kickbacks, shady deals and corruption with Saddam Hussien, and are now trying to block any investigation into it. They were one of the prime reasons why Iraqi children were starving to death while Saddam build himself more palaces and the UN lined it's pockets with Saddam's blood soaked cash. And they're getting away with it.

Bulldoze the UN building, preferably with all the UN staff and diplomats inside. And then bomb it. Bomb it flat, bomb it until there's nothing left but rubble, and then bomb it to make the rubble bounce. Kill every single UN "diplomat", starting with Kofi Annan and hang them from lampposts in NYC. And then, once every last rat and parasite from that building is dead, erect a monument on the ashes, dedicated to all those who died due to UN corruptions and arrogance.

Let that monument stand as a reminder of the thugs, dictators, criminals and thieves that were allowed to prosper in the heart of the worlds greatest country.

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