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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Bill Cosby in the Hot Seat

I haven't seen much coverage of this in popular media. Maybe they don't want to spout too many stereotypes about black folk, even if the stereotypes are being a black man who isn't stereotypical:

There is a fear, Tillard said, "that people who are racist ... will seize upon that and try to castigate the African-American community. The conservatives and liberals are far too quick to seize upon a statement and say to the rest of us, 'See, see, it's not us, it's you.' What they have not wanted to acknowledge is that there are still legacies of slavery."
I guess that's not uncommon. Some people on the right won't criticize President Bush because it arms the Left, and ditto Liberals and their smarmy politicos.

Cosby Remarks on Blacks Draw Fire, Support

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