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Thursday, January 01, 2004


I hope you all had a Happy New Year, even our trolls. I myself had a great night at a friends house, eating damn good food and watching movies. I was the driver for the night, so I stayed sober. The food made up for that. I know that some people mock fondu as a 70's affliction that's outlived it's usefull life, but when you have a fondu made of blue cheese, brie, and white wine.... Add in marinated and sauted beef, chicken, pork, and mushrooms..... man alive, that was some good eating! And the chocolate. Oh yes, the chocolate, my friends, chocolate is god's own way of telling us that he loves us. Dark, bittersweet chocolate, mixed with just a tad of supersweet milk chocolate, and melted down so that you could dip fruits and other desert treats into it. I think I gained five pounds just from last night.

Anyways, today is for relaxation, cleaning the house a bit, and taking the dog to the local dog park so I can run her ragged with a tennis ball. Tomorrow I go down to Federal Way with Analog Kid and check out an M1911 that I may buy. I've already seen a sweet, damn-near brand new .38 revolver (a Lady Smith) that's a possibility. Posting might be a little light this weekend, but I'll try to at least get on once a day.

I hope the new year brings joy for all of my readers.

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