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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I thought me fellow wackos would be interested in this, after our discussions last month about the bony arse of Paris Hilton, and the merits of a full booo-tocks.

Here's one man's review of -- the Paris Hilton sex video...

Paris Hilton, Please Get Dressed!

..To make matters worse, Paris Hilton is not attractive. She's a little better now, but when she was nineteen and she made this video, she was nothing special to look at, much in the way that beef wellington is nothing special to look at. She's just a scrawny, ugly little girl with a bad ass. And I mean that last part. She's got a bad ass. That's actually tough to come by. A lot of girls have nice asses, especially at nineteen. And the ones that don't usually have okay asses. But the two extremes of the ass scale, by which I mean great asses and bad asses, are probably equally rare. So Paris Hilton's bad ass is actually quite an anomaly. However, if she had a tumor the size and shape of a lava lamp sticking out of her spine, that would also be an anomaly, but it wouldn't make me want to watch this tape...

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