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Monday, December 29, 2003

I hope you all had a great Christmas

I know I did. Spending time with my family is probably as good as it gets. We went to Silver Valley in Idaho, went showshoeing up the Lookout Pass Ski Resort, (your humble writer was an idiot and went straight up the mountain. The saner members of the family took a nice trail around), and of course, got to spend Christmas morning with the Raging Parents, Raging Brother, and the Raging Significant Others. We finally got a wedding date out of my brother and his fiance, so next August you might not see much of me. Which of course devolved into a conversation regarding my girlfriend, and a certain suggested wedding, but we managed to make it through without giving out any solid information.

Did I mention that my girlfriend rocks? Oh yes, she does. Trust me on that.

By the way, do you know when exactly you can tell when you're in Northern Idaho? Well, besides the scenic mountains, majestic forests, and clean air? It's when your mom pops her head out the front door and hollars at you and your father "Dave, is this YOUR .38, or is it ours?" Yes, when your parental unit can identify the caliber of handgun, but is forced to ask just who it belongs to, you are in N. Idaho. God, I love that state. Well, I don't really LOVE the southern parts, but the Northern Panhandle is my idea of heaven. That's probably why I bought the land there.

In any case, I now have sufficient funds to purchace another handgun. This is really a requirement, since the girlfriend keeps asking just when the hell I'm going to buy my own gun and stop using hers. Now, before you get all upset about that, let me remind you that I argued for weeks before finally convincing her that we should purchace a handgun. In the end, she realised that I wasn't going to back down on that subject, and capitulated. So, we search for the perfect gun. We find one that we can both use, and go to the range. We both shoot about 50 rounds each, and then call it good. That's our gun. As we're leaving the range, the girlfriend turns to me and says "So, when are you getting yours?"

Did I mention that my girlfriend rocks? Oh yes, she does. Trust me on that.

So, I'm going out and about, and I think I may have found a good gun at a good price. Analog Kid also found some good firearms that I'm going to check out. I'm interested in the 1911, but my preferance for simplicity makes me lean to bolt-action rifles and revolver pistols. So we'll see.

Anyways, have a Happy New Year. I'm back, and as you can see below, I'm ready to start raging once again.

Oh, one last thing. When I can get the pictures developed, I'll show you my truly great Christmas present. I got a puppy! She was a rescue from a woman who had to move, and needed someone to adopt the dog. Half Australian Shepherd, and half Pit Bull Terrier. 13 months old, so she's house trained but still young enough to imprint on the g/f and I.

Did I mention that my girlfriend rocks? Oh yes, she does. Trust me on that.

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