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Monday, December 29, 2003

Hey Howard...

You sure you want to shriek and cry about Cheney's Energy Meetings? Because you're not looking so good yourself.

Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean has demanded the release of secret deliberations of Vice President Dick Cheney's energy task force. But as Vermont governor, Dean had an energy task force that met in secret and angered state lawmakers.

Dean's group held one public hearing and, after the fact, volunteered the names of industry executives and liberal advocates it consulted in private, but the Vermont governor refused to open the task force's closed-door deliberations.

In 1999, Dean offered the same argument the Bush administration uses today for keeping deliberations of a policy task force secret

So let's see.... Good old Howie hurt his back and couldn't get drafted, right before he goes on a several month long ski vacation, he claims his brother, who went over to Laos to comiserate with the commies, was MIA/KIA (designations normally reserved for military), he would turn over our national soveriegnty to the UN, and now he shows that he's a huge hypocrite.

Oh please oh please on PLEASE won't the Donks nominate Dean? Pretty please? Yeah, make him your guy in 2004. PLEASE! Hell, I'm going to go donate $20 to the Dean campain right now. Because if this guy is who you choose, we've got four more years of Bush. So please, please, PLEASE nominate Dean.

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