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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Check this out:

New Orleans public school officials are congratulating themselves for losing only $1.7 million in federal funds. Only.

It is a shame that this kind of disastrous mismanagement is recurrent in the Orleans Parish system, which is failing students at many schools every day. And with many poor families to serve, any loss of federal Title I money -- intended for the education of children from poor families -- is a serious matter.
So, how do you think they "lost" the money? Poor accounting? Embezzlement? Fraud?

No, they just failed to allocate it, so the feds took it back.

Later in the piece it says: " could have been much worse. The new superintendent, Tony Amato, learned that the district had about $15 million available in federal and state grants, with deadlines fast approaching for allocating the money. He and his staff rescued most of the grants."



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