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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Just when you thought people couldn't be more hateful than the American Left:

One in nine police officers in England and Wales will be protecting George Bush on his state visit to Britain, which begins today.

Ten thousand more police officers have been drafted in amid rising concerns about the threat from terrorists and the scale of anti-war demonstrations. That brings to 16,000 the number of policemen and women who will be deployed during the four-day trip.

The bill will run to at least £7m, and the British taxpayer will pay for it.

The Metropolitan Police announced that it was boosting the numbers of officers on duty in London from 5,000 to 14,000.
The Independent

And this is the Europe we're supposed to admire and emulate, right? Government health care, gun bans, Kyoto ratification, you name it, they've got what the Left recommend.

Except a foreign dignitary needs 16,000 cops to protect him.

I wonder what Blair's security contingent in America amounts to.

We're so violent and uncivilized, aren't we?

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