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Thursday, September 25, 2003

More and more evidence is surfacing that proves the left's notion of doom and gloom, of Iraqi's hating America, is wishful thinking on their part and shows just how morbid they truly are. I'm not sure if this was already posted, but it shows just how wrong the left is. It just disgusts me when they pretend to care about the Iraqis. It is Bush hatred, plain and simple. An excerpt (bold added by me):

Evidence of the comparative gentleness of this war can be seen in our poll. Less than 30 percent of our sample of Iraqis knew or heard of anyone killed in the spring fighting. Meanwhile, fully half knew some family member, neighbor or friend who had been killed by Iraqi security forces during the years Saddam held power.

Perhaps the ultimate indication of how comfortable Iraqis are with America’s aims in their region came when we asked how long they would like to see American and British forces remain in their country: Six months? One year? Two years or more? Two-thirds of those with an opinion urged that the coalition troops should stick around for at least another year. We are making headway in a benighted part of the world. Hang in there, America.

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