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Monday, February 01, 2021

Harsh truth

 Found over at Adrienne's place, who linked to this fine rant by Karl Denniger.

But do keep this in mind folks -- no matter what "mitigating actions" were taken -- masks, no masks, closing businesses, not closing them, etc -- the epidemic curve and infections were not stopped.  At best they were stretched out over a longer period of time but the same number of people got it.  You flattened businesses, you killed children who committed suicide, you cost them a year of education which they will never back and will **** them for life and you screamed like little scared children rather than look at the data. You refuse to accept that but for your voluntary actions the risk of Covid-19 death is equal to that which you take willingly every six months by using automobiles and that if you have personally made lifestyle decisions that put you at higher risk there are mitigating things you can do cut the risk of a bad outcome that go well beyond simply sitting at home while coughing your lungs out and eating chicken soup.  Further, you were all told that 80% of the population had to get this bug or be vaccinated to reach herd suppression and yet there is not a single place on the planet, say much less in America, where even if you count every alleged "positive" as real -- and we know 2/3rds or more are not -- the infected rate is materially into the teens yet both illness and hospitalization are falling off a cliff so suppression has clearly been reached.

Do go read it all.  Whatever you think about the government response to the Kung Flu, the truth is their actions are actually far worse than your worse estimates.

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