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Saturday, January 23, 2021

I've said this multiple times

 The Tea Party was the polite, civil response to the government's over-reach.  They insulted, slandered, abused, and did away with the Tea Party.  But the people who made up the Tea Party were still there.  Donald Trump was the impolite, yet still civil response to government over-reach, and a huge chunk of his voters were the Tea Party folks who were biding their time.  And we all saw what happened to Donald Trump and the stolen election.

Seems like I'm not the only one who recognizes this.

The anger toward Washington has been a long time coming. The election of Ronald Reagan as president was Washington's first chance. The deep state waited him out. The Gingrich Revolution was their next chance. They replaced him with a pedophilic wrestling coach who is now serving time in prison.

I submit that Donald Trump was their last chance. He was nice. He tried to play by their rules. He did and he won, and then they cheated him out of his winnings.

In victory, hollow as it may be, Democrats seek to change the rules because they fear another Trump. So they lock down social media and gatherings of more than 10 people. 

Oh, they won't get another Trump.

If history is correct, they will not like what comes next. No indeed they won't.

Keep in mind that we almost had a complete massacre of federal troops under Obama, after he sicced the feddies on Clive Bundy.  But the People were restrained in their response to massive government provocation.  I doubt that this time around they're going to be as restrained.


George Mckay said...

Nor should they be "restrained". Lock and load it is gonna be a nasty 4 years. Pedo Joe and horizontalharris are going to make it exceedingly tough on the average citizen. I don't know how long they are going to take it?


p2 said...

Lotta chatter about rebellion and civil war. Trouble with that is if you threaten, you gotta mean, and I don't think the average Joe Sixpack with his tricked out, pretty much useless AR knows just what hell that entails. The feds called for troops to go to DC and, surprise, THE TROOPS WENT. I'm thinking just based in that alone, any rebellious uprising will be quelled most ricky-tick by those very same troops. You're on the ground with them, Ragin'....what's the scuttlebutt amongst the rank & file?

Deserttrek said...

newt was the wrong guy to be speaker. He needed a pliable lackey to move legislation. He is an abrasive panderer who had a gigantic man crush on slick willy. His reluctance to ever do individual tax cuts, and his targeted garbage made me change registration from the gop to never go back.
I get Don's sentiment but newt is the swamp.

Ragin' Dave said...

P2 - standing around in an empty city holding weapons without bullets? Yeah, the troops know they're part of a theater show, but there's nothing unconstitutional about that. Going out into actual America? Some of them might do it - the younger ones, or the indoctrinated ones. But the vast majority ain't gonna do it. Now, the FBI, or various other DOJ goons? I think they'll shoot American citizens at the drop of a hat, based on the fact that they've already done so in the past. Which brings us back to the Clive Bundy scenario, where the fibbies were in the crosshairs and wetting their pants. The thing is, I think a lot of the military will be on the side of the civilians, and if some fibbie tells them to shoot a citizen, well, things will go wrong really quickly.

p2 said...

LOL The yahoo's sent me to Saudi Arabia in 1990 with a rifle, a handful of magazines and zero rounds. Never did see round one for that thing but I carried it all over. I know AK is one of 4 2nd Amendment sanctuary states; KS, WY, & ID are the others. AZ is trying to join in. It's good to hear your take on things, tho. Got a couple buds who are state cops and they're saying pretty much the same thing....

BTW, I hit the monthly cigar lotto again. You still at the same addy?

Ragin' Dave said...

Yes indeed I am. I'm going to have to send you up some sausage, especially now that it's winter and it won't thaw in transit.