Day by Day

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The Covid "relief" bill is a massive "FUCK YOU!" to the American people.

 OK, let's do the math again, shall we?

Covid "Relief" Bill: $900,000,000,000
US Population: 331,987,381
Dollars per person: $2,711.35
How much are you getting? $600.

Where's the rest of the money going? Well, to people and places it should not be going. And the list makes me see red. I can't read all the particulars without going off into apoplectic rage. Horse racing? Climate Advisory Councils? (not just no, but fuck you and die screaming you statist pieces of shit) Gender training in Pakistan? WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK?

This bill is a prime example of why I hate the government so much, and why they can never be trusted. Ever.


Adrienne said...

Perfect example of why I love you, Dave. You've summed up is one short succinct paragraph the entire heart of the issue.

p2 said...

I'm afraid to even think about reading it. We're at the point where it matters not what we, the poor bastards paying for this, think. I agree with Adrienne wholeheartedly ('cept for that "I love you" bit.).

Ragin' Dave said...

Adrienne - I aim to please.

P2 - Congress says it's OK now.

Deserttrek said...

Trump needs to veto it. I know it can sit, but show them for the slime they are.
Shut the government down. Don;t want to see real people get hurt, but WTF x a million