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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Oh hey, look at that, more bullshit statistics being used to shut people down

 Fake fake fake.

In an exclusive interview with The Post Millennial, Maxford Nelson, Director of Labor Policy for the Freedom Foundation, said “…earlier this spring we exposed the method that the state Department of Health was using to count COVID-19 fatalities…we explained how that method would result in over counts and inflated numbers… the Washington state Department of Health was counting every person who died after testing positive for COVID-19, as a COVID-19 caused death. Even if the person actually died from some other cause, and it just happened to test positive weeks or months prior.”

If your "science" and "facts" are based on numbers that are off by at least 20%, that's not science, it's bullshit.  

And based on the "expert" reaction, I would be willing to bet money that the actual numbers are far, far greater than 20%.  

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