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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Facebook follies

 My dear wife has maintained a facebook profile, and has kept in touch with some of my extended family.  She's done this out of a sense of duty, although that feeling has been diminished over the past few years.  Tonight marked another period of cutting loose bad garbage, as one of my aunts stepped way over a line that shouldn't be crossed.  

I will say that it's a good thing I don't have any contact numbers for my extended family, for after the way my wife was treated on facebook, if I'd had a phone number I would have said things that shouldn't be said.  

My wife continues to discard the floatsom and jetsom that constitutes my extended family, and I've had to apologize to her multiple times for introducing her to the psychotic raging liberals that constitute my "family".  They are family, yes, but only by blood, and if I had my way I wouldn't have any contact with them in any future time.

Every time I think that Leftists couldn't be more loathsome, they prove me wrong.

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