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Saturday, August 01, 2020

The lockdowns were a failure

And they probably extended the length of this current bullshit.

Regardless of all that, other countries in Europe that instituted government mandated YOU SHALL OBEY lockdowns are seeing a second wave of cases. This, in Courtney's esteemed opinion, seems to indicate the lockdowns don't work like the lockdown advocates want them to work. Or say they want them to work. Because, again in my opinion, the measures being shoved through in order to "save lives" are just a Trojan horse for socialism. The more the people comply with the increasing draconian orders, the more draconian orders we receive. Kind of like a "If you give a mouse a cookie" scenario. At this point, the mouse has completely taken over and we're just lucky to sleep on the floor. 
Whatever you do, don't spread the Swedish good news like how Covid was rumored to spread. The panic porn addicts who've made COVID their godking, would hate to be proven wrong.

We "flattened the curve" after two weeks.  But thanks to the lockdown, we didn't achieve herd immunity, and now we're on one big prolonged wave of the Peking Pox.  Whereas if we hadn't locked down we'd have had a spike in cases, and then a continual drop.  Kinda like Sweden.

UPDATE:  Check out this graph right here:

What the mainstream press keeps forgetting to tell people is that it can take the government days, if not weeks, to record a COVID-19 death. The daily reports aren’t telling us what’s happening now, but what happened earlier in the month. The chart below shows the impact of this. The gray bars represent when deaths are reported by Florida, and the red bars are when the deaths actually occurred. 

The Panic Porno Pushers are either ignorant, mis-informed, or in the case of the Democrats and their flunkies in the media, deliberately lying to you.

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