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Thursday, August 27, 2020

The feral human shot by police in Kenosha was armed with a knife, and had been tased to no effect.

So for extra credit, would anyone out there like to explain to me what it means when you hit someone with a taser and they have no reaction to it?

For those of you who guessed "Drugs on board that make a person violent and unpredictable", you win a prize to be announced later.

My guess is this feral human was on meth, although PCP would give the same type of effect.

Kenosha is burning because a meth-head with a knife was shot by the cops.  A meth-head with a warrant out for his arrest on RAPE CHARGES.  Residents are firing "warning shots" at the rioters.  Fuck that bullshit.  Ammo is too damn expensive.  No warning shots.  The fact that they're invading and rioting and looting and burning and vandalizing is all the reason that people need to put a bullet dead center in the feral humans.

Don't be a victim.  Don't allow your family be become victims.  Stay away from feral humans.  But if you can't stay away from them, shoot them.  Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

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p2 said...

The way things are set up now with the chinkflu and its ensuing pantytwisting amongst the guvmint drones, you wouldn't be appearing in court for decades. That kind of opens up the whole 6th Amendment thing, doesn't it? I have a right to a speedy trial and if that right is violated, can't I appeal to have the charges dropped? Granted, the definition of "speedy" differs wildly between myself and the drones as is evidenced by the Unbelievably Slow Postal Service (USPS) so I'd probably lose that gambit.