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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Just a gentle reminder

If you find yourself in your vehicle and surrounded by Antifa, put your foot on the gas and do not stop until you are far, far away from them.  And if that means you run their asses over, then you do it.

On Sunday night, antifa rioters in Portland beat up a blonde woman, then followed a truck driver, making him crash. After he crashed, the mob pushed him away from the truck, forced him down on the ground, searched for his keys, and then kicked him in the head, leaving him bleeding on the pavement. The incident involved a man wearing a black bulletproof vest with the word “SECURITY” on the back. Videos showed the same man escorting a man away from an antifa/Black Lives Matter protest, then assaulting a transgender bystander earlier in the night. Rioters indiscriminately referred to their prey with the N-word.

Run them over.  It's your life or theirs.  The guy they beat is unresponsive and in the hospital.  He's most likely going to die, or be brain damaged for life if he ever wakes up.

Run.  Them.  Over.

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