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Monday, May 13, 2019

For the record, I'm for it

"It" being the return of the Pinks and Greens to the Army Uniform.

The Blues have a history to them, but they don't resonate as much as the Pinks and Greens, mainly because there isn't photo history of the Blues as a daily uniform.

For those who don't know, the Blues, with their mis-matched pants and coat, date back to the American-Indian wars, where Soldiers would be issued on uniform.  They would pack up their wool coats and wear the pants for daily use.  When it came time for formal inspection, they would unpack their coats and put them on, but because they wore their pants every day, the pants would be bleached to a lighter color than the coats.  Which led to the Blues, a Navy Blue coat and Royal Blue pants.  Today it's called the Army Service Uniform.  The Greens died a well deserved death some years ago. The Army Greens were best looked upon as a 70's polyester suit in a disgusting shade of green.  I cheered when the Army scraped the Greens in favor of the ASU.  I am cheering again as the Blues once again go to being a Dress Uniform, and the Pinks and Greens come in as the daily wear.

There have been plenty of uniforms I didn't like.  I loath the beret.  I couldn't stand the ACUs.  But this, I can support without reservation. 


Deserttrek said...

The WWII look was sharp

Ragin' Dave said...

The funny thing is, they weren't really planned out. They had multiple different shades of green, and they had to make so many jackets that they didn't even have a standard cut planned out. But I've seen the new Pinks and Greens, and they look damn good. Plus, brown shoes. None of this patent leather crap. Honest leather, polished.