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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Deeds, not words

Why do I call the Left in America anti-American?  Because they show it through their actions.

Is there a classier lady anywhere than Shannon Slutman, widow of FDNY firefighter Christopher Slutman — killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistanwhile serving as a US Marine Corps reservist? 
No, there is not. 
Meanwhile, is there a bigger dope than Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, the pandering jerk from Greenwich Village who was hard-pressed to find a few bucks to help send Gold Star kids to college — while lavishing millions on scholarships for the offspring of New York’s legion of illegal, um, ­arrivers? 
Alas, probably.

My parents were big on telling us that in order to find out what people are like, watch what they do when they think nobody is looking.  My mom was fond of saying that the real person comes through when they're driving or playing sports.  In today's age, you have to look at what they say when they think that only their allies are listening.

Or blathering to their friends on twitter.

The Left in America hates America.  They hate our freedom, they hate our individualism, they hate our Western Civilization, they hate our Christian religion.  THEY HATE US.  THEY HATE YOU.

Vote accordingly.  But more importantly, buy ammo.  Buy guns.  Because this country will not live forever, and the rule of law doesn't matter to the Left.  They WILL come for you, sooner or later.  They always do, once they gain power.  And the GOP is so weak and spineless that they won't stand in the way of the Left once the Left gains power once again.

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