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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Memo to me: Buy more popcorn

Long Knives, indeed.  The Left eats itself, just not fast enough as it eats Normal Americans.  Still the 2020 election is going to be an exercise in seeing just how "progressive" the ProgNazis will be.  Who can be made to tow the line?  Who can be swept out like trash?  The Democrat Party is fully in the grip of Marxist delusions and tyranny, and they can't hide it any longer now that the googly-eyed socialist is the face of their party.  Oh, the Democrat-Media Complex will do their best, and now that Cankles Treason McHackingCough is out of the running, the media focus will be on how to destroy Trump.  But that's been the media focus for the past two years now, and all they've done is....  what, again?

Anyways, Tulsi Gabbard wasn't sufficiently "progressive" for the ProgNazis, and she already announced her candidacy, so she must be disposed of.  Bravo, Lefties!

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