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Thursday, January 18, 2018

My Body, My Choice!

So, if the decision to have an abortion is totally within the woman's purview, and men have absolutely no say in whether or not a woman can have an abortion, then child support should be summarily removed from our books of laws, as the responsibility for a pregnancy lies completely within the choice of the woman, not the man.



Steve Berven said...

If you have no say, you have no pay. You can't spout the idea that it's "your body" and your decision, and then suddenly decide I need to pay for it. If it's "your body," then it's "your bill."

I think this whole school of thought stems from the clearly premeditated plan to break down the nuclear family. It's no longer "our child." It's a "fetus" and I get to decide what happens to it. If men are just chromosome donors, and women want all that emancipation and empowerment, well then, welcome to single motherhood!

Ragin' Dave said...

That's my way of thinking. If it's all a woman's choice, then it's all a woman's responsibility.