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Thursday, January 04, 2018

Fuck you, Apple

My Apple MacBook Pro has managed to do something that every other computer I have owned never did - have a malfunctioning CD drive.

Yep.  The expensive computer with a METAL SHELL has managed to break a piece of hardware that the cheapest, plastic HP computer never did.  So much for that construction, you fucking asswipes.  I paid good money for a good computer.  What I got was....

Well, hell if I know.  Parts of it are good.  Parts of it suck.  Like the CD drive.  Which has functioned flawlessly in every other computer I've ever had. 

After Steve Jobs died, Apple's quality has gone to shit.  They've slowed down older iPhones.  Their products have taken a steep nose-dive.  This computer has outlived it's warrantee, so there's that, but I didn't pay a lot of money to have a computer outlive it's warrantee, I spent a lot of money to have a computer that wouldn't have BASIC FUCKING COMPONENTS BREAK.  And that's on top of the issues of trying to make it play nice with anything that isn't another Apple product.

My next computer won't be an Apple.  I was never an Apple fanboi, I just hated Microsoft Vista with a burning passion and refused to play Microsoft's little games with their operating systems.  There's enough variety out there now that I don't need to piss around with either Microsoft OR Apple, and they can both go fuck themselves with a hot poker for all I care.

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