Day by Day

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Small Towns

So the Mrs. and I rolled into here on a Sunday.  Got into our hotel and went to find a place to eat.  Seems a lot of the joints around here aren't open on a Sunday, or they close early.  It reminded me of living in Sparta, WI.  It's a slower pace of life.  That's not a complaint on my end, mind you.


Adrienne said...

You're not old enough to remember when everything closed on Sunday except for one designated emergency pharmacy. We never needed the pharmacy because we could call our drug store owner at home and he's dart up to the store and fill a prescription.

p2 said...

somethin to be said for that pace..... its why i retired here. except now there are too many humans so i get to move farther north.....and off the road system.... it was kind of a foregone conclusion when walmart showed up.

Deserttrek said...

Where I grew up , part time, lots of things closed on Sunday, blue laws, and many businesses worked half a day wed and sat

Stay Well Dave

Ragin' Dave said...

The Mrs. and I are actually happy about being in a small town. We've lived in small towns, and we've lived in big cities. We prefer the small towns, and that means taking the "Closed on Sunday" with the "Minuscule Crime Rate".