Day by Day

Monday, November 13, 2017

You never know just how much crap you have

Until you have to move.  And then it's "Why the hell did we keep that?  What IS that?  Where did that come from?"  Needless to say, the Mrs. and I have dumped several boxes of random stuff at Goodwill, and even more boxes into the dump.  That doesn't count the bonfires we've had from paperwork that we didn't need, but had PII on it. 

And that doesn't count the stuff we've sold off, like a massive plate glass table that was just too big for the house, along with the six chairs that went with it.  I'd say we're down at least 1000 pounds from when we got here.

Why in the hell did we have so much crap?


p2 said...

aint movin great? i found 2 boxes last fall that got packed, taped and sealed by the guys during my first pcs in 1982. they went with me every single move till i settled here in 95 and i had never opened them. didnt even realize i had them.... they had receipts, paid utility bills and a 1982 myrtle beach, sc, phone book inside...... guess when i said everything in here goes they took me literally..

0007 said...

Crap procreates when left in cardboard boxes in dark closets or storage units.

Tim said...

Swedish Death Cleaning

Ragin' Dave said...

I found paperwork from over a decade ago that I didn't need to keep for one year. Lots of bonfires round these parts.