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Friday, November 03, 2017

Last day of leave

And I get back to the grindstone tomorrow.  Yeah.  And of course, I spent my first day of leave....  at work, finalizing some administrative bullshit.

I have three years before I can retire, and right now they can't get here soon enough.

You want to know why so many military folks retire at 20 years?  Because at that point, they're so burnt out and broken that they can't actually do more than that.

But for today, I'm sitting here with coffee and a cigar, enjoying the fall weather.  Took the P22 out yesterday for it's maiden (to me) voyage.  Shoots a little to the left.  I can adjust the rear sights, so that should take care of that problem.  Repaired the front sight on my 22 rifle, so I now have a fully functioning set.  I picked up a little set of swinging targets, and blasted so much paint off of them that I went and picked up a can of orange spray paint to make sure they're visible in the woods.  Bottled up two cases of a cherry mead that I had started before I found out I was getting PCSed.  So if there's any folks local to the Richmond area that would like a couple bottles, hit me up.  They have to sit for at least six months before they're really good, and I don't want to carry them with me.  From the tasting I had when I bottled them, they're going to be outstanding.

I'm going to miss this place.  I doubt I'll find anything like what I have here - the acre of trees, the wildlife walking through my back yard.  Where the neighbors don't care if I blast a couple hundred rounds at targets, because they do the same thing.

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p2 said...

3 years is easy.. start looking for your retirement place now and wen ya pull the chocks, uncle sugar will send ya there. I just got lucky and pulled a 4 year tour to the frozen north with 4 years and a month till 20. Course, I'm sitting here in Barrow fightin 40 knot winds and sideways snow today, but it still beats ths snot outta las vague-ass......