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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Alma Mater

Around these parts, you'll see more "Alumni" plates and tags on cars than you can shake a stick at.  There are dozens of local colleges and universities, plus the big ones like Virginia Tech and U of Virginia.  Every other car proudly proclaims their allegiance to some institute of higher learning or another.

Well, gosh darn it, I was feeling a little left out.  But I don't have a fancy sheepskin to hang on my wall.  Well, I do, but it's not really a diploma, per se.

But what I do have is a friend who's starting up a business with his wife doing vinyl graphics on a bunch of different things.  And he was willing to whip something up for me.  So the rear window of my car now looks like this:

I think it looks damn good, if I say so myself.

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