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Friday, May 05, 2017

Finally changed the *&^%$# spark plugs

I love Honda motorcycles, I really do.  They're damn near impossible to kill, run smooth, get great gas mileage, and last forever.

And two of the four spark plugs are absolute bitches to replace.  But I finally got 'em today.  I think next time I'll just take it to the shop and tell the guys who do it for a living to have at 'em and call me when it's done.

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jon spencer said...

Clymer's says that the valve cover on my bike will come out.
It does, with less than a eighth of a inch of clearance and having to wiggle it up, down and sideways over the rockers.
Got to take all the fairing off too.
Now I see why the dealer wants $500 to do that with a tuneup and his flat rate book agrees.