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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Nice to see someone fighting back

Fauxcahontas Warren (aka Lie-a-watha) goes silent after reports show she only pays women 71% of what she pays men.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) failed to acknowledge Equal Pay Day for the first time in her Senate career after it was reported on Tuesday that women working in her Senate office earned just 71 percent of what was earned by men. 
Warren has used Equal Pay Day, which fell on April 4 this year, in years past as an opportunity to speak out on the gender pay gap. Last year she took to the Senate floor to call Equal Pay Day a "national day of embarrassment" and pledged to continue her "fight" until the pay gap was erased. She gave similar statements on Equal Pay Day in 20152014, and 2013, her first year in the Senate. 
This year, Warren was the only female Democratic senator who ignored Equal Pay Day entirely, and it was not due to a lack of opportunity.

The fight against ProgNazis and other Left Fascists isn't going to be like sniping them from afar and walking away.  It's a knife fight.  Get dirty.  Expect to get cut.  Get in, get close, and stab them until they stop moving.

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