Day by Day

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Growing old

Had my PHA today.  That's "Periodic Health Assessment" for those out of the military.  And they confirmed that my hearing is definitely not what it was.  Specifically in the range of things like explosions and gunfire.

Huh.  Gosh, I wonder what could have caused THAT?

I have to go back tomorrow for a second test, and if that confirmed the fuck-upedness of my hearing, there will be another test to determine the new baseline.

I hate getting old.


Anonymous said...

YUou may hate it but it does beat the alternative!

OC said...

Gettin' old ain't for sissies!!

Back in 1971, at Ft. Sill, learning how to be a cannon cocker, they weren't real big on hearing protection. Hanging out at the local drag strip after I got out, sans hearing protection, didn't help either.
Can't afford hearing aids, but I sure do need 'em.