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Saturday, April 09, 2016

Dear females

The University of Southern California has pretty much codified (in other words, made into law, for all you silly weak ladies who can't be counted on to learn English) the fact that women are silly, weak little creatures who can't handle their drinks, nor be held accountable for what they do when they're drinking.  And since women are so silly and weak, men have to be held responsible not only for what the woman may or may not do, but what other men may or may not do to a woman.

Look, this isn't ultra-conservative, knuckledragging neandertal Ragin' Dave saying this, OK?  This is the University of Southern California, the uber-liberal, uber-progressive, "so far to the Left that Karl Marx looks like Ronald Reagan" USC.

So don't blame me.  Or do, I dunno.  I mean, according to USC y'all are so silly and weak that your accusations don't mean much unless you've been drinking.

Any ladies out there pissed off yet?  Good.  Direct it at the liberal fuckpickles at USC.

And I just saw this comment at Insty's place:

In the 21st century, any male college student who has any personal dealings with any female enrolled in the same college is a moron who should be expelled from said college.

I really can't argue with that.


p2 said...

at this point, having any dealings with any female anywhere should just be banned. like asbestos. i'm so gettin a lab....they wont max out your credit cards, they wont drink your last beer, and they wont break your least as long as they're alive.....

Ragin' Dave said...

You just have to talk to them before they enter the Marxist indoctrination chamber of the university. That doesn't guarantee that they're compatible with you, but it sure as hell ups the odds.

Anonymous said...

We are approaching a time when the mere presence of a male will be a chargeable offence......


Ragin' Dave said...

Only in liberal hell holes. Which means that liberal men will die out rather quickly, followed by liberal women.

You know, in second thought, that's not a half-bad idea. It's not like I go to NYC all the time. Let those bastards fester in the culture they voted for, and let them die out, lonely and alone, childless, and leaving nothing behind but some hippy books and well-used bongs.

Trust me, Idaho will do quite well in their absence.