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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I'm about done with Twitter

Between all the suspended folks, and those who are simply walking away because they refuse to be ruled over by a bunch of SJW tyrants, there's not really much to make me want to stay on that particular website.

The ProgNazi shitheads currently in charge of Twitter have forgotten some basic business concepts.  First, with Twitter as with most of the social networking platforms, the users are not their customers.  The users are their product.  The advertisers who want access to those users are their customers.  Driving away users with their Marxist-type actions means that they are cutting the amount of product that they can deliver to their customers.  I would note that the stock value of Twitter has been plunging lately.  It's going to go lower.  Appointing that SJW harpy to the Ministry of Truth will force stock prices into the basement.

So long, Twitter.  It was a short ride.  Oh well.  There's always another website to come along.

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Deserttrek said...

never did see the sense in it ... wait to see what other people say? and a pound sign, yes it is a pound sign does not make something important.