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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Rise of the Sexbot

OK, so that's a little tongue in cheek there, but it's an actual thing apparently.  And Milo Yana...  Yianooupppou...  That Milo guy from Breitbart says that women should fear it for more than the obvious reasons.

Women were told by feminists that they could “have it all” — the career, the husband, the kids and the book club. But it was a lie. What they’ve ended up with instead is a tiny apartment in an “up and coming” bit of town, friends they hate, a string of disastrous and emotionally unfulfilling past relationships and a cat. 
Had the relations between the sexes been healthier today, there wouldn’t be much call for sexbots to get in the way. Women already had the upper hand, sexually. They had what men wanted. There’s a reason the Ashley Madison leak showed that the site was over 90 per cent male. 
But gender relations in the West are at their worst for fifty years, possibly more, which is why popular men’s bloggers are now asking whether sexbots will replace women entirely. The consensus seems to be: for some men, yes, totally. For other men, they will become a masturbation tool. A few “alphas” and players at the top will be able to bang their way around the entire female population, which will be comprised of ever more neurotic, backstabbing and insane behaviour.

It's pretty simple - Men need to be wanted.  Feminism essentially tells women that they don't need one of those stinking, knuckledragging, sexist, misogynist neanderthals in their life.  And so the women who swallow that lie tend to eject the men from their lives, either deliberately or through their behaviors.  And the men leave.

Because men can still get a level of camaraderie from other men.  That's why there were so many men's clubs of various types for years.  Athletic clubs, political clubs, gentleman's clubs (before the term was corrupted to it's modern definition).  Even today, there's recreational sports leagues all over the country, as well as thousands of informal get-togethers that are pretty much male dominated.  Men can leave, and still find a way to be happy.

Women can not.

Sorry ladies.  Milo is right on this.  Men can always find ways to attain status that doesn't include a woman.  And yes, women can attain status on their own as well, but for what?  What, exactly, does a woman want?  She wants it all, of course.  She swallowed the lie that she could have it all, and now she wants it all, but once a woman has swallowed the "have it all" lie it's almost impossible for them to learn what men have known for millennia -

You can't have it all.  You never could.

The question is, what are you willing to live without?  Men seem to be willing to live without a long-term female companion these days, because they don't want to subject themselves to yet another feminist Marxist who's internalized the message of "all men are evil scum who must be subjugated.  Why put up with that crap when you can have a sex-bot made up to look like Scarlett Johansson?  All the sex without any of the mind-numbing, headache inducing, liberal Feminazi crap.  More to the point, men can and will alway find a woman to have sex with in one form or another.  But as we're seeing, women cannot always find a decent man to share their life with.

And, well, they only have themselves to blame for that.


Francis W. Porretto said...

The trends among American women, at least, suggest that they'll effectively eliminate themselves as sex and marital partners within what remains of my lifetime...and trust me on this, Dave; that's not a lot of years. Why would any self-respecting man put up with a self-absorbed, whining, housework-averse, seldom amorous, endlessly critical node of consumption when he could have a programmable companion configurable to express interest in how his day went, and to listen attentively to the answer?

Ragin' Dave said...

I remember saying a long time ago that women have effectively transformed themselves from partners in a marriage to a room-mate that you have sex with. When a man comes home from work, looks across the dinner table and sees a mirror image of himself with breasts, why should he work to keep that relationship going? If both people are gone all day, someone else cleans the house (or they have to clean after working all day), eating cheap processed food because it's all you have time to cook, someone else raising the kids because neither parent is home effectively creating total tiny strangers in your house....

Why is God's name would any man want that? Why would they work for their entire lives, only to end up with that?

Well, as we're seeing more and more, men aren't making that choice any more.