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Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Leftist Rot in Civilization

Reading Sarah Hoyt's new post, when this paragraph jumped out at me.

Turns out that pulling apart society for the sake of pulling it apart, tearing down “the way it’s been done” just for the sake of doing so, and shocking the bourgeois because it’s so much fun doesn’t actually build anything worth looking at or reading.  What it does is harden the viewer/reader to the point that you have to go ever further out to build ever more heretical visions and create ever more outrageous shocks, which then become the status quo.

The thought that leapt out of my brain right then was "And this is why we now have deviant freaks putting dildos on a string and calling it 'art'.  Because they've torn down what was beautiful and don't have the intelligence, creativity or courage to make anything beautiful".

When's the last time you were really excited about a new artist?

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