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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

I don't like Jeb Bush.

I think he's on the wrong side of a whoooooole lot of issues.  But it needs to be pointed out once again that the same media who refuse to investigate Obama's dealings with an unrepentant domestic terrorist named Bill Ayers, the same media who refuses to investigate Obama's connection to fraudster Tony Rezko, the same media who blindly accepts lie after lie after lie out of Obama's mouth and can't be bothered to actually do any kind of research or journalism, as found out that...

Jeb was a bully in high school.

Well, that's only if you consider the recanted testimony, the baseless allegations, and the blatant lies.

So no, Jeb wasn't really a bully in high school.  But the media is so desperate to sling any kind of mud at him that they'll stoop to this level.

Really, they've been at this level for years, they're just now incapable of rising past this level even if they had the desire, which they don't.

Read the whole thing.  And then sit back and process the fact that Jeb Bush is likely the most liberal candidate the GOP could put forward who has an actual chance of winning.  And the media is already attacking him like starving dogs on a bone.

Fight back in every way you can.


bbuddha said...

I just can't fight back for jeb. He is pro amnesty and a common core supporter and just on general principals we don't need another Bush. I think the first two did enough damage: Bush 1 with his forfeiture laws for crimes believed to be drug related. Bush 2 with the patriot act.
He is better than the current president but considering who that is i think the bar needs to be a LOT higher.

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker!

Ragin' Dave said...

bbuddha - if you damage the media enough, the damage they can do to a Scott Walker or Ted Cruz is reduced. I will never vote for Jeb, period. But I will do my best to destroy the media that's attacking him right now.