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Thursday, January 29, 2015

This is why they're so good.

The Legion of Boom understands the team concept.

I can’t perform at this level without Kam Chancellor, the lion of the Legion, the guy who once picked off Peyton Manning by ducking to make it appear as though he couldn’t leap for the ball. He’s also the guy we go to with our problems, who doles out advice about a lot of issues that arise outside of football. 
I can’t perform at this level without Earl Thomas—The Example—who can show you how to do the right thing better than he can explain it. When everybody else is joking, he’s locked in, a reminder of what we’re here for. 
I can’t perform at this level without Byron Maxwell, our chill guy, oblivious to the pressure. I remember him joking around with Carroll in our rookie camp, saying that if he was allowed to play nickel he’d choke out the slot receiver. Carroll relented and Maxwell delivered, only to get injured in camp. Now he’s the corner on the other side, and his consistently high level of play makes QBs’ decisions very difficult. 
I can’t perform at this level without Jeremy Lane, the scrappy guy from Tyler, Texas. Competition brings out the dog in him; just look at what he’s done to the Packers’ Randall Cobb.

Also, this line is enough to make me go out and buy his jersey:

I’ve realized in the last year that I can evoke change by being a great role model: a man who respects women and police officers, who graduated from college and does everything in his power to be successful within the rules.

How many athletes today do you hear saying THAT?


Deserttrek said...

sorry but don't know who these guys are ... if it is nfl related no thanks .. do some research on the taxpayer sucking nfl ..... they are welfare queens to the max .. why should I as a taxpayer be funding the security for the stupor bowl? and yes dhs foots the bill courtesy of all of us

Deserttrek said...

Dave , didn't want to ruin a show with the prior comment .... I understand the idea of humility and team work and how that produces results .. the whole is greater than the sum of the parts .. a good lesson for all