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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Pro-Abortion Crowd chants "Hail Satan"

Well, at least they know who's side they're on.  After all, "Only bad guys hate babies".

I just have to quote from this Anchoress article, because I think it encapsulates the mindset of the pro-death crowd quite nicely:

“I just sacrificed my child to the idol of I. The idol of myself. I can’t even claim he was sacrificed for the idol of future plans, or that she was sacrificed to the idol of a career. No, I just sacrificed my child to me. To the idea of me: Ms. Personal Autonomy. I am like a god! I decide who lives and dies; didn’t feel like having another baby, so I killed it. Because I could. My other two kids only breathe and live by my grace, alone.” 

 And as she points out, abortions in the case of rape, incest or the health of the mother make up 2% of all abortions.  The rest are post-conception "birth control", people killing babies for their personal convenience.

Well folks, if you can make it OK to kill a person because they're inconvenient, then all I have to do is prove that you're inconvenient, and you've done all the heavy lifting for me.

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Crotalus said...

Most of humanity is inconvenient to me. Does that mean I can start the "post-birth" abortions now?