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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Women in Combat?

I was at work when I heard this load of crap:

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is ending the military’s ban on women serving in combat.

The move could open up more than 230,000 jobs that had been previously closed to women by overturning a 1994 ban on female servicemembers in small combat units.
This pretty much confirms that Leon Panetta is nothing more than a Leftist douche-tool who's main goal has been to allow the beginning of the destruction of the military.

Here's an idea!  Open up every single job in the military to women, but do away with the female standards for the Army Physical Fitness Test.  See how that flies, eh?

Look, men and women are different physically, alright?  There's no denying it.  When I did my short tour in Afghanistan, I wore a total of 62 pounds of gear, weapon and ammo.  And I had one of the lightest loads by far.  Most Infantry carry 100+ pounds of gear and ammo.  It is not uncommon for folks in the combat arms to carry 130 to 150 pounds of gear, ammo and weapons systems.  Do you really think the average woman is going to be able to do that?  Without seriously degrading the combat effectiveness of the unit?

Hell, I saw it in action when I was an MP.  "Dave, you need to carry the gun.  PVT Female can't carry it.  Dave, you need to load the fuel and water.  PVT Female can't carry the weight.  Dave, you need to get the ammo to the truck.  PVT Female can't carry the weight."

I have seen what the military is going to, and IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!


I really can't wait until I can retire.

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