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Monday, January 07, 2013

I'd love to comment

On the sheer amount of fuckwittery going on at the Federal level, but there's just too damn much.

Chuck Hagel?  WTF?  He has extreme negatives and positives.

John Fucking Kerry as SecState?  Well, at least he won't be in the Senate the next time he gives a commie dictator a blowjob.

Stupid fucking morons finally waking up too late?  Just...  fuck you, you worthless, kool-aide guzzling douche tools.  Go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself, m'kay?  Maybe if you weren't such a bunch of slack-jawed, half-wit, drooling-on-yourself retards you wouldn't have voted for the guy who wants to spend your future for his Marxist pipedreams.

All the gun-control tyrants of the National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party coming out of the woodwork?  Come for my guns, you'll get my bullets first.  One at a time, in high velocity.  Go fuck yourself, you jack-booted facists.

Hobby Lobby being forced to choose between it's religion and it's business?  Is there any more clear example of why the facist Obama regime is the death of America?  More importantly, the fact that the facist Obama regime was re-elected is the evidence of the death of America.  I expect Christians to be forced to wear yellow crosses soon enough.  And plenty of the gutless sheep would do it, too.

My mom, my dear sweet mother, one of the most rational people I know, is making plans on what to do when the government slides farther down it's facist death spiral.  Yeah.  Isn't that fun?

Screw this, I'm having a cigar and a scotch. 

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