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Thursday, November 29, 2012


That corrupt, mentally diseased Jesse Jackson, who won re-election in Chicago despite being locked up in a nuthouse for half a year and not campaigning, will be replaced by the person he bumped in the first place, who is not only corrupt but a kiddy-diddler.

Oh, yeah, I know there's supposedly an "election" to be held before the pre-selected choice takes his seat, but give me a fucking break here.  It's Chicago.  The choice has already been made, and Reynolds will be in Congress. 

Considering how the Chicago Machine's choice just spent the past four years raping the future generations of this country in order to fund his Marxist pipedreams, I think it's a rather fitting choice.

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Unknown said...

I had the misfortune of living/working in Cook county, IL for a few years and I witnessed the horrors of elections there.

I recall going to a polling place to vote in 2004 and being laughed at when I attempted to show the poll worker my ID (as was my habit from my native Indiana). People in Chicago simply walk into a polling precinct, cast a ballot or two, then walk a block down to cast more at another precinct and no one ever calls them on it. I imagine the case is the same for other large urban centers across the country.

Now, commiting vote fraud is illegal. And I don't condone lawbreaking. But, perhaps a bit of civil disobedience is in order?

I don't believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that casting a ballot for a fictional candidate is a crime. So, how about this...

What if, hundreds of conservatives strolled into various polling places in large urban centers across the country and cast ballots for write-in candidates such as "George Washington" or "Thomas Jefferson"?

If enough invalid ballots started popping up with names like this, do you think that the Demo-rat party would start to take the prospect of voter ID laws seriously?