Day by Day

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Long Day

And I'm friggin' wiped.  I think this is going to be a re-occurring theme for the next few years.  It's not that the work is hard, is that I'm fighting HQ just do be able to do my job.  Dysfunctional would be the BEST that I can hope for.  The political backstabbing that goes on at the upper levels is unbelievable, and it paralyzes a lot of people from doing more than covering their own asses.

And here I come, pissed off from the start, and not really willing to deal with the bullshit that people are spewing.  I've already pissed folks off.  Too bad, I've stuck by the regulation, and I've kept my integrity.  There's not a damn thing they can do to me, and I have the support of plenty of other people.  I could get fired from this job, and I'll have plenty of places to go.

I might come out of this bloody, but by god, I'm sure as hell going to make sure that my harriers get it worse than I do.  And I just might improve the Army by doing so.

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