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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ruby Ridge

Insty has a link up about Ruby Ridge, 20 years later.

I wish I could report that the authorities' fear has faded in the decades since Ruby Ridge and Waco. Instead it has been institutionalized in the fusion centers that litter the country, where everybody from Ron Paul fans to anti-fracking activists have been tarred as potential terrorists. Meanwhile, the country's police forces have been steadily more militarized. What a sad and terrifying combination.

I was living in Coeur d'Alene when the Randy Weaver saga unfolded.  Ruby Ridge taught me that the government has absolutely no problem shooting an unarmed woman in the face when she's holding a baby in her arms.  I think that's a good lesson to learn, especially these days. 


Adrienne said...

Dave - It's an event that will not be forgotten in North Idaho...ever.

Crotalus said...

There is a word for a government that believes it can do whatever it wants: enemy. Ruby Ridge proves that our government IS our enemy.