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Friday, February 10, 2012

Got it in one

Gonna piss some folks off.  So be it:

“But Og, don’t those people at least deserve the same happiness as married couples? "

That comment- which I hear all the time- is high on the list of ignorant things a human can let come out of it’s mouth. Look around you at the married couples you know. Unless you’re living in Stepford, the odds are that all those people have their own problems, and to suggest that gay couples do not is ignorant in the extreme. ” I don’t see what the problem is” The problem is that Gay marriage is not about them seeking happiness, period., it’s about a government mandated wedge, made for a vanishingly small portion of the population, purpose built to destroy the churches who will not accept their lifestyle. “I don’t see that, at all. All the gay people I know are really nice” You don’t see it because you choose to ignore it.
Emphasis mine.  And I would say that it's not just designed to destroy the churches, it's designed to destroy the institutions who refuse to accept open homosexuality.  Disagree?  Then tell me why I must now shower with a person who is sexually attracted to men, but I can't shower with women.  You want to talk discrimination?  That's discriminatory right there.

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scottW said...

Dead on. You know over the years, in ref to the Military, I could give a shit about whether someone I served with was gay or not....But with the repeal of DADT there is one thing I do fear....Not the gay service person but the gay activist, the activism that goes along with it, and their lawyers...Our Military Institutions will never be the same....