Day by Day

Friday, September 09, 2011


So, besides the people driving and talking on cell phones, which is pretty much a country-wide phenomenon, Wisconsin drivers are some of the most aggressive tailgaters that I've ever seen.  I had one dumb bitch five feet off my ass, in a thick fog, doing 55 mph while I'm on my motorcycle.  And this is on a stretch of highway that's notorious for deer; one curve is called "Bambi Corner".  Which means that if Bambi jumps out and I have to grab brake, this dumb bitch is going right up my tailpipe.

So I kept slowing down.  She finally passed me once I got down to 45, and I'm sure she could read my lips as I spoke some words of encouragement towards her.  I give a damn if I hurt her feelings or not - there comes a certain point where it's not just tailgating.  You're risking my life with your stupid, aggressive driving.  And I really don't like having my life threatened just so you can get into the gate five seconds before me.

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