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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Idiots in Madison

So the Unions were out in force in Madison yesterday protesting Gov. Walker's attempts to keep Wisconsin fiscally solvent.  Since most Union members in Wisconsin are Leftists, they have no clue how an economy really works, and they're more than happy to watch Wisconsin go into debt rather than accept one iota of cuts to their public pensions.  Speeches and rallies have been predictable in nature - inane, bumper-sticker chanting and threats of violence to Walker and others.  Michelle Malkin has a round up of posts.  It's disgusting.  This state is billions in the hole, but the public labor unions can't be bothered to care about that.  They want their fucking money, and they'll gut this state to get it.  They want their fucking money, and they'll fuck over every private tax-paying citizen in order to get it.  Fuck them.  Fuck them with a chainsaw.

And what really chaps my hide is the teachers unions.  I guess about half the teachers called in sick in order to go protest, and more teachers pushed their kids to go protest, even though the kids don't even know what they're protesting for.  Given the state of Wisconsin schools and the "education" the kids get, I'd love to see every one of those teachers fired.  I can't remember where I saw it, but someone else pointed out that given the fact each child represents $10,000 per year in government spending, that means a classroom of 25, which is reasonable, represents $250,000 a year in spending.  One quarter of a million dollars.

Where the fuck is all that money going?


Anonymous said...

You do realize everything that is in this "budget repair bill" if not, look it up at the office of scott walker website. He has more than just this in his bill, his bill is loaded with all sorts of things. really if people looked at the whole bill that is being shoved down our throats, maybe just maybe they would see what has people up in arms. It isnt just a union issue. Medicaid, and other programs are under attack, Wisconsin families are under attack....period

Ragin' Dave said...

"Wisconsin families are under attack"? That's just another cheap bumper-sticker slogan that is shouted by protesters who haven't bothered to notice the MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT that Wisconsin is running right now. You want to see Wisconsin families under attack? Wait until we're going bankrupt, and there's NO money to run the state because we blew it all with irresponsible benefit packages for state employees. We tossed it down the giant money pit that entitlement programs have become.

Asking public employee union members to shoulder more of their own weight is not placing Wisconsin families under attack. Balancing the budget is not placing Wisconsin families under attack. The governor and legislature are doing what should have been done YEARS ago, before we ever got to this point we're at now.