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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear TSA

To the TSA agents at Indianapolis International Airport,

At least you had the good graces to look somewhat embarrassed as you gave me a body cavity search and swabbed the inside of my notebook that had my rank and last name on the ACU cover.  Seriously.  I've flown to Kuwait with an M-16 on board, yet one machine beeps in Indy and they start whipping out the long latex gloves.  You would think that at some point, someone would look at the situation and say "Um....  no, he ain't gonna blow up a plane."  Especially when you have my military ID in your hands, with my non-muslim name right there in front of you.  How many terrorists who attacked us were named "Dave", anyways?  Even little Johnny Taliban gave himself a muslim name before he started killing Americans.

I am NOT a terrorist.

However, the free WiFi at the airport rocks.  Keep that up.


Ragin' Dave

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