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Friday, June 18, 2010

Darn Skippy

Dr. Helen nails it with regards to what's happening with men these days.  Think about this for a second -

The majority of Americans are divorced, at some point in their lives anyways.  Maybe they've re-married, but they've been divorced before.  I mean, we're over a 50% divorce rate in this country right now.

The majority of divorces end up not just badly, but oh-my-god horribly for men.  Alimony, child support, a guy with a divorced wife and two kids that he never gets to see is working 80 hours a week to support both his household and his ex's household at the same time.

Most guys in their 30's have seen this happen their entire lives.  They've watched people that they love and care about go through hell because of marriage and subsequent divorce.  And then people wonder why those guys don't want to get married?  Throw in the fact that thanks to modern feminism and it's abolishment of moral standards, those guys can still get laid on a nightly basis.  Why buy the cow, and the subsequent alimony and child support, when you can get the milk for free?

Had I not found an angel here on earth, I'd still be single.  I honestly believe that.  And had I never met my wife, I think I could have been happy still being single.  I know plenty of guys who are of the same mind.

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Buzz said...

Women get the best of the "old way" and the new way.
Despite having higher rates of college attendance and closing the gap on employment opportunity, the system assumes they're all still in the "oppressed" condition of 1910.
Abortion is the one the really amuses me. The woman wants to have the child and the man doesn't? Too bad, lifetime of support. (no alimony here, so support that usually includes enough for mommy, also) The woman wants to kill the child and the man doesn't? Too bad, it's "her body" and not any of his concern.